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Paul Barron is the leading pioneer behind the fastest growing sectors in food and media in the past 50 years. He identified the consumer mindset that has set this massive business transformation in motion with the combination of food, technology and new media. With over 25 years of consumer science, brand development and content marketing he has helped forge the future when it comes to the development and understanding of how brands connect to the ever changing modern consumer.


We Provide Consumer & Brand Analytics With Every Consulting Engagement

Our proprietary Social Data Index offers powerful business insights with every business engagement. We dive into consumer and brand digital behavior. Today's digital consumer is a new breed that depends on an entirely new way to connect with businesses. Our research can help you understand, capture and captivate your audience through the most advanced data analytics available in business today.

Custom analysis to fit your specific business is now available through Social Insights™ - create build business insights that make a difference in your digital future.

After years of refining our methodology, we have honed in on the four most impactful consumer indicators to accurately represent consumer and business behavior and trends. 

Each metric offers valuable insight into how a brand is performing. From engagement which gives an in-depth look at growth, reach, messaging and how customers feel in real time, as well as geo data which is a direct line to the industry’s pulse and your business.

Metrics That Matter In Building
The Right Brand Strategy


Sentiment is determined by analyzing several categories for Restaurant and Supplier brands. These categories, include: food, service, quality, value perception and brand. The Social Data Index™ analyzes targeted conversations related to these areas to determine a sentiment score. These metrics look at sentiment based on a very unique industry data set that works from Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a specific weight on foodservice.

The score is based on a weighted algorithm on 100 basis points, which eliminates size and volume as factors in the score.


Digital Influence is based on a digital ecosystem presence and how the audience interacts across 15 social media platforms and within the ecosystems of search, mobile engagement, mobile app use, responsive web integration, and rating sites. Such interactions create a digital footprint score to determine your brand’s effectiveness to engage users on digital platforms.


Social Traction & Geo Data are scored on a 200-point metric system that analyzes geo-targeted conversations related to location engagement. These metrics look at sentiment, frequency, customer density, and brand influencer that involve key terms, digital action, geo-located posts and digital tags related to a visit.


Restaurant Business Insights to the Next Level

Industry veteran Paul Barron takes restaurant business insights to the next level. The restaurant industry isn't just the business of food.


Connect the dots, read between the lines, build innovative strategies, become a thought leader, get the inside scoop on trends and open your eyes to the full vision of restaurant and hospitality with The Barron Report.

He understands where the restaurant industry is moving in the way that Steve Jobs understood where the personal technology industry was moving.
— Noah Glass, Founder
Paul is an incredible visionary in the communications industry and in the world of branding.
— Ed Frechette - Sr VP Au Bon Pain
His knowledge of new media, and more importantly, how it can be used to market products and services surpasses anything I’ve learned reading on the Internet.
— Barry Lauterwasser, Founder
He understands the mindset of both the consumer and restaurateur, and combines these insights into a compelling study of the dynamics that have made the fast casual segment the darling of the restaurant industry.
— Don Fox, CEO Firehouse Subs