The ultimate mission of todays business?

Reaching the right audience at the right time.


The pioneer of a 70Billion industry in fast casual


Paul Barron is the leading pioneer behind the fast casual restaurant explosion and the consumer mindset that set this massive business sector in motion with the combination of food, technology and new media. With over 20 years of consumer science, brand development and new media he has helped forge the foodservice future when it comes to the development and understanding of the fast casual segment and the consumers who lead it into the future.

Paul is a true visionary. He understands where the restaurant industry is moving in the way that Steve Jobs understood where the personal technology industry was moving. I am in awe of Paul’s work and consider him to be a key business and vision mentor.
— Noah Glass, Founder
Paul is an incredible visionary in the communications industry and in the world of branding. While he is grounded in the here and now he can see emerging trends, as evidenced by his early identification of the fast casual segment and the subsequent development of the Fast Casual Alliance.
— Ed Frechette - Sr VP Au Bon Pain
Working with Paul gave me an honorary MBA in new media. I learned more in my year working with Paul about Web 2.0 and how it interacts with marketing than I could ever learn at any university. His knowledge of new media, and more importantly, how it can be used to market products and services surpasses anything I’ve learned reading on the Internet.
— Barry Lauterwasser, Founder
If I were to compile a list of pioneers for the fast casual industry, Paul Barron would be on it. In The Chipotle Effect, he cements his stature as an astute observer of the industry. He understands the mindset of both the consumer and restaurateur, and combines these insights into a compelling study of the dynamics that have made the fast casual segment the darling of the restaurant industry.
— Don Fox, CEO Firehouse Subs