The Book

The Chipotle Effect is the first book to identify and chronicle the emergence of a 70B restaurant segment in the making as lived by author Paul Barron the creator of the term Fast Casual. His mission was simple, tell the amazing stories of the people that were literally changing the very fabric of the American food culture and discover the reason the consumer landscape was migrating to this emerging restaurant scene - worldwide.

The Book uncovers a new social science of the food consumer through the authors decade of research culminating to a full understanding of the digital consumer, which is next wave of consumers set to create more than 50 trillion in spending through 2030.

It explores not only the reason consumers made the shift, but the technologies along with social media that developed a perfect storm for the consumer led fast casual movement. Social Media, the rise of the smart phone and the 2007 Economic Crises were the catalyst that build a new demand platform for food and very few restaurant operators understood the new rules.