Tired of keynote speakers not delivering! My approach to speaking for your event is built on a very unique process that I have spent that past decade crafting and building.

With the power of our Social Data Index, I deliver consumer and B2B science and behavior on any imaginable domain. We dive deep on a unique set of these insights all customized to your event.

Topics Available

  • Foodservice Disruption 2020

  • Digital Transformation of Brands

  • Content Marketing Tactics & Trends

  • B2B Digital Engagement Tactics & Trends

  • Consumer Digital Trends

  • Mobile and Geo-Location Changing Landscape

  • Engagement is The Future of Business

  • The Death of Advertising

  • How On-Demand Will Be the Next Generation of Content

  • The Digital Natives And What Makes Them Different

  • Digital Market Shifts Change The B2B Sales Process