Fast Casual Nation- The Documentary Trailer is Released

Foodable WebTV has ventured to inform the industry and consumers with the first and only WebTV series about the fastest growing restaurant segment, Fast Casual Nation.

Foodable WebTV network releases Fast Casual Nation documentary trailer

With fast casual restaurants rapidly on the rise, the restaurant industry has forever changed. Even though fast casuals are emerging as the consumer favorite, this evolving segment has yet to be defined.

A behind-the-scenes look at “Fast Casual Nation”

Approaching 400,000 views, “Fast Casual Nation,” a Web documentary series that highlights innovative concepts and restaurants in the fast-casual segment, is wrapping up its first, 10-episode season. 

The Bottom Line NBC

Starbucks Is 'Best Loved' Food Brand On Social Media

Who do you love? On social media, the answer seems to be Starbucks. The ubiquitous coffee house chain is the "most loved" of 3,400 food and restaurant brands, according to an analysis of social media sentiment in the first half of 2012 conducted by Digital CoCo, a marketing agency.


Paul Barron makes Forbes Top 50 - Only restaurant innovator on the list - Jan 2012

Ranked number 15 in the Top Social Power Influencers Barron continues to show why his style of change adoption, science and strategy is the key to the next era of the restaurant business.

National Restaurant Association

DigitalCoCo and Technomic partner with the National Restaurant Association to create new Fast Casual Trends & Directions Conference. - June 2012

As a new direction for Fast Casual, Paul Barron and Darren Tristano partner to create a new model of conference for Fast Casual restaurant executives and have partnered with the NRA to extend the conference to the NRA show in 2012.


Paul Barron's book The Chipotle Effect is the new road map to restaurant success. March 2012

The new hand book for the digital restaurant operator and a guide on understanding the new restaurant consumer.


FCSI The Americas 2012 Trendsetter Award

Paul Barron, who is credited with coining the term fast casual to define the fast-growing restaurant sector, received the Trendsetter Award. Barron was recently listed on the Forbes Top 50 Power Influencers in Social Media for 2012, and authored the Chipotle Effect, a book on the American social restaurant consumer that helps explain how leading restaurants understand today’s customers. - Feb 2012