The massive shift in social, technology and media has opened a huge opportunity for integration for new roadmaps in engagement strategies to drive actions by the digital customer. Brands today are still stuck in the era of social media as they fail to prepare for the real challenge ahead.

Several companies are positioning for control of the foodservice system from supply to consumption and the companies that understand this future will be the first to emerge in the next decade with a new roadmap for foodservice success.

In the past decade, social media was a pivotal moment for restaurants and suppliers to succeed. The next decade will be the most disruptive in the history of modern business. Paul has spent that last 25 years identifying these major market shifts from fast-casual consumer adoption in 1998 to the social media tidal-wave in 2007. We are on the cusp of a new era of massive change. Like social adoption in 2007, the new age professional has begun to open up to a new model of convenience, persuasion, and engagement. Brands that position now will be the new leaders of the future.

Areas of Consulting

  • Strategic digital brand consulting

  • Digital Education and syndication strategies

  • Consumer science strategies and analytics

  • Digital brand roadmaps and execution plans

  • On-Demand technology & delivery strategies

  • Cross-Competitive digital analysis

  • Interim Chief Digital Brand Officer services

  • Content marketing for B2B companies

  • Interim CMO and team development services

  • Board and Advisory Roles

  • Brand and Founder evaluations for investment preparation